October 19, 1756

1756 October 19 (Tuesday).  I ‘waked early; a great while before Day: being full of deep Concern for my little Son, my Heart wrought much.  Was very fervent and importunate in Addresses for him: as also for Pardon of Personal and Fam. Offenses — for the great Grace likewise of preparation for the divine Pleasure.  When I went into the room where my Wife and son were, I found he was much revived; and hopes gladdened us of his Recovery.  D. Opt. Max. Grates per plurim. ex imo Corde per solva!


I made a Visit to the French Family lately brought among us.  They dwell at Mr. Biglows.  The Mans Name is Simon LeBlanc.  He is about 55.  From Nova Scotia about 9 Leagues off from Annapolis.  Has with him a Wife and 4 Children: himself Rheumatic — appears Sociable; is a roman Catholic; but is able to read.  N.B. My own Rheumatism continues in my right Arm so bad that I have applyed another Blister.  Breck fetches Winter Apples from Mrs. Barnes.  N.B. towards Night a strong Tempest.