October 24, 1756

1756 October 24 (Sunday).  Mr. Pierpont of New Haven on his Journey from Rochester home, came here this Morning: and tarrys with us over the Sabbath.  I preached a.m. on Heb. 10.31 and p.m. repeated sermon on Jer. 6.8.  May God give His Blessing!  At Evening I had the great Pleasure of Conversing with my dear Friend Pierpoint about his late eminent and memorable Spouse.  He has brought me her private Papers, containing many of her Spiritual Experiences.  He has also a Draught which the Rev. Mr. Jacob Johnson, minister of New Groton, has made therefrom; containing with all an Account of her Life and Character — in order to publication but imperfect.  And Mr. Pierpont requests me to review both this Draught, and the Journals, and if I think it may be for the Divine Glory and for the Service of the Christian World to publish Memoirs of her, to prepare them accordingly.  He Shewed me also divers Letters, upon this Affair.  I accept the Papers to read, but under my present Circumstances, can’t give him Encouragement that I will do it.  N.B. Alexander in a relaxed state, after Fever and Ague, returns to tarry at Home.