October 21, 1754

1754 October 21 (Monday).  A.M. Mrs. Amy (or Emma) Maynard was buryed.  Some Number of persons din’d here, among which Captain Maynard; it being inconvenient for them to go home after the Funeral because there was to be a Precinct Meeting at 1 o’Clock.  It was to Vote me Support and Wood.  And when they came together they Voted to do as they did last Year — and Lieutenant Tainter came to acquaint me with it.  I sent them a Line by him: which although it did not induce them to alter their Vote, yet a Number of them were induc’d to subscribe Wood by the Cord — and it amounted to 20 Load.  This was brought me by Mr. Ephraim Bruce, and he said it was freely and heartily done.  So that I made no further Difficulty.  My Brother Samuel Parkman from Boston waits on Reverend Mr. Gay[1] of Hingham here, and lodge.  They are going to Leicester, to the Ordination of Mr. Joseph Roberts.[2]

[1]Ebenezer Gay.

[2]Joseph Roberts (Harvard 1741) had preached at various places.  He served Leicester, 1754-1762.  Sibley, XI, 65-68.