October 2, 1754

1754 October 2 (Wednesday).  Mr. Jonas Twitchel at Work to Day also, clearing at my Meadow.  William waits upon his Mother to Mr. Martyns, and Lucy undertakes to wean little John.  Ebenezer here at Eve and has my Chair and Mare to go with his Wife and son to their Father Harringtons.  Mrs. Miller (Ensigns Wife) here to bring me word that if I would have Cyder of him I must fetch it tomorrow or not at all, whereas not being warn’d of it my Barrells are not soak’d, nor do I know whether I can have either Man or Team, so that although I want it much, and dont know but that I must go without if I have it not of him, yet I must Send him denyal.  And this is also the Third Message which I have had of this kind, which because so Sudden I have been forc’d to deny.  N.B. Received a Letter from Brother William Parkman dated July 10 last: brought by Dr. Crosby.  N.B. Mr. Simon Tainter now of Sutton coming in to my Door fell down upon the Floor in a Fit — I Suppose Epileptic — but after a while came to, and he proceeded with his Wife and Child to their Father Bruce’s.