October 7, 1754

1754 October 7 (Monday).  Lieutenant Tainter, Messrs. Jonathan Forbush, Eleazer Whitney, Thomas Twitchell, Amariah Thurston, with several Lads, Daniel Grout and Joseph Harrington came and cutt up my Corn at the Island, and Mr. Ebenezer Forbush with his Team brought it in.  They made 4 Load of it and had done by noon.  Four of them stay’d to dine.  It was our purpose to have husk’d in the afternoon (for some persons said they Should choose it rather than in the Eve) and a few Neighbours were Sent to, but none came but old Mr. Maynard.  So then we sent again, desiring they would come in the Evening, but neither did there come any but a few Boys who ran away home again.  N.B. Mr. John Hicks of Cambridge and his Wife and little son Jonathan here, going to Sutton.  Mr. Abijah Gale here at Eve with a Paper of Acknowledgement.