October 3, 1754

1754 October 3 (Thursday).  Sent Billy to Mr. Garfields for pursely Water[1] for little John, and bagg of Apples from Mr. Joseph Knowlton — which he brought.  I preach’d at Lieutenant Tainters on Hos. 2.8.9.  May it please God to add his effectual Blessing!  When I came home found Mr. Ball[2] of Grafton here, who had carry’d Mr. Bliss’s[3] Stackhouse[4] for me.  Mr. Fay brought a Barrell of Cyder.

[1]Purslane, a low, succulent herb.

[2]Nathaniel Ball.

[3]The Reverend Daniel Bliss of Concord.

[4]A work of the English divine, Thomas Stackhouse.