October 15, 1754

1754 October 15 (Tuesday).  Sent the second Volume of the New Universal Magazine to Captain Storer at Boston per Mr. Ebenezer Rice.  Mr. Davis came this way for my Company to Southborough.  Rode down there to Ministers Meeting.  Messrs. Barrett, Martyn, Seccomb,[1] Smith — were the rest that attended.  See the Minutes of the Association.  At Eve our Conversation was upon the Qualifications for Communion at the Lords Table.  N.B. Mr. Stone is Strongly in the Sentiments of Mr. Stoddard.[2]

[1]John Seccomb of Harvard.

[2]Solomon Stoddard, An Appeal to the Learned. Being a Vindication of the Right of Visible Saints to the Lords Supper, though they be Destitute of a Saving Work of God’s Spirit in their Hearts: against the Exceptions of Mr. Increase Mather (Boston, 1709).