November 8, 1754

1754 November 8 (Friday).  A Second Appointment to Shovel the Gravel at the back of my House, but it was Cold and Dark, and but Two Came, Mr. Beeton and Jonathan Grout.  They stood it till 9 o’Clock.  Mr. Foster[1] came over; and lodg’d here.  Sent by Lieutenant Tainter of Boston.  N.B. He kill’d one of my steers, or rather one of his which he changes for one of mine that was a Rogue.  He kill’d it at his House and brought me a Side of the Meat, the Hide, Tallow and Offal, and borrows half of the Meat to spend in his own Family.  N.B. The Quarters he brought here were 90 and 86.

[1]Jacob Foster, the schoolmaster.

November 10, 1754

1754 November 10 (Sunday).  Read 1 Sam. 16 and gave Observations upon it for the Exercise a.m.  Read p.m. Rev. 10.  Preach’d once more on John 1.16.  Stop’d the Church at Eve, on the Account of Mr. Abijah Gale’s Acknowledgement which was read and accepted, and he restor’d[1] — and on Account of Mr. David Taylor of Concord, late of Bedford, who wrote to this Church for Assistance under his present Distress: Voted.

[1]“A Paper was read to the Church (being Stop’d at Evening) Sign’d by Abijah Gale containing his acknowledgment of acting foolishly and imprudently with the wife of Isaac Amsden of Southborough; and the Church voted Satisfaction with what he offer’d.”  Westborough Church Records, Nov. 10, 1754.  See Diary for Sept. 17-19, 1754.

November 12, 1754

1754 November 12 (Tuesday).  I rode to Concord alone.  N.B. Mr. Stephen Prentice[1] of Grafton on the Road with me as far as Bruce’s Tavern, very Troublesome.  Captain Baker who was the appointed Delegate having Sent me word he could not go.  At Mr. Taylor were the Reverend Messrs. Dunbar,[2] Martyn and Smith, each having a Delegate, viz. Deacon Putnam, and Messrs. Josiah Fosset and [blank] Kidder, who were present at the Hearing of Mr. Taylors Cause.  There came also from Bedford, Deacon Lane and Mr. Abbot, who were of Singular Service in informing and letting us into the Controversie.  We found Mr. Taylor very desirous to have us hear not only the Difficultys which repeatedly withstood it, that being of Civil Nature and had been fully heard, and Settled in a Course of Law, which had run through the Courts.  We conceiv’d it would be best to have something drawn up for Mr. Taylor to offer the Church of Bedford, which if it express’d a sutable [sic] Christian Frame in him, would be most of all likely to induce them to grant him a Dismission to Concord first Church, and put an End to the Contention; at least what subsisted between Mr. Taylor and the Church of Bedford.  This was therefore what we bent our Minds to.  One and another try’d to draught Something — and we discours’d with Mr. Taylor to perswade him to it, but it seem’d in Vain — it Grew late and we retir’d to rest — the Bedford Committee returning home.  Mr. Whitefield preaches at Upton.  I sent him a Letter on three Heads — the last of them requesting he would go to poor Smithfield.

[1]The brother of the Reverend Solomon Prentice, who had been dismissed by the Grafton church. Pierce, Grafton, p. 551.

[2]Samuel Dunbar of Canton.

November 13, 1754

1754 November 13 (Wednesday).  After frequent importunate Sollicitations I undertook to draw up Something for Mr. Taylor to make application with to the Church in Bedford: little imagining that it would succeed; yet it did, through the divine Favour, and as we had earnestly requested the Committee from Bedford to return again, So they came and Mr. Taylor having Sign’d the Address to their Church, They freely came in to it, and each of them engag’d to use their best Influence to have it succeed with the Church.  Whereupon we gave Thanks to God, din’d, adjourn’d without Day, and parted with Joy.  I rode to Marlborough and lodg’d there.

November 19, 1754

1754 November 19 (Tuesday).  Mr. Baldwin left us, it being a bright Day.  Neighbour Moses Nurse plough’d Indian Hills for me in order to Sow Rye.  At Eve Ebenezer here.  N.B. Mr. Jonah Warrin being in great Distress for his Daughter Sarah, came for me.  And I went.  She had attempted Several Times to destroy her Self; but now was Somewhat calm and conversible.  Dr. Brigham[1] here.  I pray’d with them.  The Doctor in returning din’d with us.

[1]Samuel Brigham, the physician of Marlborough.

November 21, 1754

1754 November 21 (Thursday).  Ebenezer went to Brookfield after our young Cattle.  He rode my Mare.  Moses Nurse with 2 Yoke of Oxen, and my Billy helping, plough’d, sow’d Rye and harrow’d it in.  Held a Catechetical Exercise to Young Women.  At Eve Ebenezer and Samuel Forbush each with a Yoke of Cattle, Noah Forbush with my sons Oxen and a Drag, Elijah Rice, Moses Nurse and his Cousen Daniel and Abner Newton, came and plough’d a drew down Gravel from the back of my House.  N.B. Much to’t for want of Wood.

November 23, 1754

1754 November 23 (Saturday).  Last Night is froze hard.  Billy having harrow’d yesterday with Ebenezer’s Oxen at the Island at Night went home with them.  He this Morning return’d here with them, and Carted out Muck into the Garden and Grass Ground.  Thomas help’d him a.m. but was ill p.m.  Lieutenant Tainter another Load of Wood.  P.M. Mr. Gleason of Oxford here.  At Eve Mr. George Bruce of Mendon here.  Had been serving a Writ on Richard Barns, who it is fear’d is hastening into Ruin.  Ebenezer return’d.

November 24, 1754

1754 November 24 (Sunday).  Very Cold Night, the last.  Read 1 Sam. 17, from number 32.  Preach’d on Rev. 5.9.  At Dinner were besides Ebenezer and his Wife, Mr. Hezekiah How, and Mrs. Lydia Cutting.  P.M. read Rev. 12, and by reason of my difficult Circumstances (especially being oblig’d to help yesterday in Carting out Muck) was oblig’d to repeat an old Discourse.  It was an Expository Exercise on Mat. 12.42.  Omitted to appoint the Communion to my great Sorrow.

November 26, 1754

1754 November 26 (Tuesday).  Wrote to Mr. John Parkman in the Isle of Wight.  Sent it by Mr. Jonathan Bond to the Care of my Brother Samuel Parkman in Boston.  Mr. John Chamberlins Wife here from Stockbridge.  She relates the sorrowful Story of the Indians besetting their House and killing two of her Children.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Warrin, Collector, here.  Tells me the Treasurer, Phinehas Hardy, is advis’d not to give him Orders to pay me any Money till two Notes, viz. for 2£ each, on account of the Pew, are Satisfy’d for — and yet the Precinct know that I am ready to pay them if they will but give me a Title to the Pew.  They are especially Esquire Baker and Deacon Newton, who Mr. Warrin mentions are advising in the Manner aforesaid, and therefore although my Dependence upon receiving Money of the Collector now, is greater than usual, and my Necessitys more pressing, yet he gives me little ground of Hope that I can be supply either as presently or plentifully, as my Straits require.

November 28, 1754

1754 November 28 (Thursday).  Thanksgiving.  I preach’d on Ps. 150, numbers 1 and 2.  N.B. appointed the Communion to be on the Next Lords Day — having omitted to do it last Lords Day — but gave Opportunity for any one to object if there were any that desir’d to.  Ebenezer and his Wife with us.  May we have a truly grateful sense of the divine Benefits and of our infinite Obligations therefor!