October 9, 1754

1754 October 9 (Wednesday).  Mr. White, Painter from Billerica to Paint the Pulpit.  Thomas and Billy husk.  Joshua Lock here again about his and his wifes Confession etc.  I endeavour to show him briefly the absurdity of his turning to the Church of England, unless he had better acquainted himself with the Controversie.  Daniel Goddard[1] of Shrewsbury here to ask my Advice about his Learning Latin.  He goes away disgusted because of my defending Mr. Cushing.[2]  Mr. Fish of Upton and his Wife dine here.  He preaches my Lecture on John 3.14, a moving and profitable Discourse!  May God add his Blessing.  Mr. Hicks of Cambridge and his Wife and son from Sutton came and lodge here.  Mr. White the Painter with Mr. Francis Whipple, Spend some Time in the Evening here.  Thomas and Billy, and 3 Rices (Merchants Sons) husk in the Evening.

[1]The son of Edward Goddard.  He evidently did not pursue his interest in higher learning.

[2]Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.