September 26, 1750

1750 September 26 (Wednesday).  Mr. Davis having din’d with us return’d to Holden.  I rode to South East Corner of the Parish and visited old Mr. Hudson and his Wife at Mr. Ithamar Bellows: and old Mr. Garfield[1] and his wife.  Was at Mr. Joslins[2] about Stones.  He is willing to give me Stones, but does not appear very forward to help me in digging and Carting them.  Whereas divers men who are nearer have offer’d me Stones gratis, but the Difficulty is at this busy Time of Year, to get them to the place where they are to be us’d.  Mr. Benjamin How and Ebenezer boarding the New House.  Sam Bumpso and Mr. Pierce make a Frame to digg in, in the well.

[1]Benjamin Garfield.

[2]Joseph Joslin.