September 13, 1750

1750 September 13 (Thursday).  Laid out the Well.  Samuel begins to digg — upon the following Terms.  He says he must have five pounds If he digg Eight foot wide, and digg till he come to a good Spring.  If we Shall not agree about the Spring, that he Shall Choose a Third, a majority of which Shall decide the Matter — That Samuel Shall find himself Diet; but I promise to allow him a Dram for each Day.  Samuel to find Windlass and Crotches; and I am to find Tub, Chains and Rope.  To these I consent.  My wife rode over to Mr. Martyns a.m.  I rode to Mr. Levi Brighams Child p.m. — went to Deacon Rice’s,[1] to Ensign Bartlets,[2] and to Mr. Martyns at Eve.

[1]Matthias Rice of the north precinct.

[2]Jonathan Bartlett of the north precinct.