October 1, 1750

1750 October 1 (Monday).  I went from Mr. Elijah Warrins to Mr. Beriah Rice’s — Mr. Marshal Bakers — Mr. Jonas Warrins, Mr. James Bradishs, Mr. Dunlaps, Mr. Gashets[1] and Mr. Chaddocks[2] — to Lieutenant Tainters.  N.B. Sam Bumpso and Phinehas Maynard work’d at the well a while, but it growing too heavy for one person to draw at the Windlass, they broke off.  Dr. Breck[3] at my House while I was from Home.  N.B. We have had [blank] Bushel of Winter apples of old Mr. Maynard.

[1]Daniel Gaschet, Gassett or Gashitt.

[2]Parkman meant Isaac Shattuck.

[3]Samuel Breck, the physician of Worcester.

October 2, 1750

1750 October 2 (Tuesday).  Deacon Forbush and his Son at the Cellar.  Mr. Frost, Levi Jummers and Charles Rice junior from about 10 o’Clock a.m.  Two of them in the Cellar digging and tending the Masons; and the other of them with Samuel Bumpso and Phinehas Maynard who work’d all Day at the Well.  A.M. oblig’d my self to run up and down to get the Hands together and tend upon them.  Water increases in the Well.

October 3, 1750

1750 October 3 (Wednesday).  Deacon and his Son at the Cellar, Neighbour Frost, Levi Jummers and Charles Rice, junior from about 10 o’clock a.m.  Two of them in the Cellar digging and tending the Masons; and the other of them with Samuel Bumpso and Phinehas Maynard who work’d all Day at the Well.  A.M. oblig’d my self to run up and down to get the Hands together and tend upon them.  Water increases in the Well.  [Last two sentences same in October 2 and 3.]

October 4, 1750

1750 October 4 (Thursday).  Mr. William Pierce came to stone the well and Sam Bumpso to tend him, but they judg’d that the Water was not deep enough, though they Spend much Time in drawing; and I assisted what I could a.m. but Charles Rice junior came p.m.  N.B. Mrs. William Pierce p.m. would fain have prevented her Husband, and not without much difficulty perswaded to give way to his coming tomorrow to stone the Well.  Was in an uncommon Manner perplex’d for want of Money — after divers fruitless Endeavours borrow’d some of Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s wife which I pay’d to Mrs. Pierce, wife of Mr. William Pierce.  They began to Stone towards Night.  Mr. Charles Rice got a Cart Load of Moss for the Well.

October 5, 1750

1750 October 5 (Friday).  Mr. Pierce and Samuel Bumpso Stoning the Well.  Joseph Grout junior help’d them.  N.B. Two foot of Water in the Morning.  N.B. The Well 22 feet Deep.  Mr. Haven and I rode over to Mr. Martyns and din’d there.  I went especially to take Measure of his Entry and stair Case and Fire places.  Return’d about 4 p.m.  Ebenezer has been Carting Apples etc.  No corn gather’d yet.  But we suffer’d great Dammage by the cattle; of them 12 in Number broke out of the Cow Yard last night — were in the Corn, among the Apples, Cabbages etc.  N.B. the Weather has been very Cold for several Days.

October 7, 1750

1750 October 7 (Sunday).  Much afflicted with Toothach.  Had a sorrowful Night of Pain.  Drew a Blister but it did not give me Ease.  I went to Meeting through much Difficulty, and through Divine Goodness went through the Exercises.  Read Levit. 2 and gave Some account of that Book and the Contents of the first Chapter but enlarged on the Meaning of the second, preach’d on Lev. 19.30 repeating in part what I formerly deliver’d on that Text, from page 20 to 22, nigh the Bottom; but with great additions on the Hand of Reading the Sacred Scriptures.  None of my Family besides me din’d at the Esquires to Day.  P.M. read John 15, and preach’d on the fourth Commandment but us’d the Same Text as the Morning, and us’d likewise the passages in those Sermons which are in page 22 near the Bottom, to page 25.  Many Strangers, especially from Southborough among us at the Worship.

October 8, 1750

1750 October 8 (Monday).  Expected Masons but they came not.  I provided Two Hands, Mr. Frost and Thomas Whipple to tend ‘em but was oblig’d to employ ‘em in throwing out the Cobbling Stones out of the Cellar, which may do for the Well; and p.m. to digg Stones for the well.  I was much indispos’d, yet made a shift to ride over.  Found no Mr. Pierce at the Well.  Jonathan Smith thrashes with Ebenezer.  A.M. they gather Corn.  P.M. a Council of 3 ministers Sit at Shrewsbury to Day.  Revd. Door,[1] Martyn[2] and Harrington.[3]  P.M. receiv’d a Letter dated September 29 with Clerk of Study, from Mr. Edwards[4] of Northampton.  N.B. the Town met at the North Side to see what to do with those who took down the Meeting House.  Lieutenant Tainter here, with Resentments of high Seasoning concerning the meeting.  At Eve Lieutenant and Mr. Daniel Forbush here when they were returning from Town Meeting.  Town did nothing about the old Meeting House.  I was in much pain, which Mr. Forbush Seeing, acquainted me with a Remedy used by him with observable Success, which he communicated the Knowledge of; and which though very Disagreeable, yet the more clearly Methods (Blister etc.) us’d by me, failing, and my affliction great, I yielded freely to — viz. Cow dung fir’d in Hoggs Fatt — and lay all Night with my Face on’t Despicable as it seems; it gave me Relief.  D.G.

[1]The Reverend Joseph Dorr of Mendon.

[2]The Reverend John Martyn of Northborough.

[3]The Reverend Timothy Harrington (Harvard 1737), had served the First Congregational Church at Swanzey, N.H., and since August, 1748, had been the minister of the First Congregational Church of Lancaster.  Sibley, X, 188-195.

[4]The great Jonathan Edwards.

October 9, 1750

1750 October 9 (Tuesday).  My Wife and Daughter Molly rose early and rode to Worcester to Dr. Bricks to visit them before they leave these parts of the World.  I had a comfortable Day, through Gods Goodness, though I was pritty much confin’d to the House.  Dispatched Clark on Study and made a few Remarks thereon; having begun it Yesterday.  Towards night interrupted with Company — Samuel, Ruth and Hannah Hicks from Cambridge.  Jonathan Smith at work with Ebenezer in cutting up Corn.

October 12, 1750

1750 October 12 (Friday).  Sent Billy on the Mare to Worcester with a Letter to Brother Samuel Breck about his Servant Girl but without Effect, he not accepting my offer for her.  Ebenezer rode over to Mr. Pierce but to no purpose.  Jonathan Smith work’d here getting in Corn.  Towards Evening came home my Son Thomas from Mr. Goold of Concord, with a Letter from Mr. Minot.[1]  I thank God my son has been carry’d out, through the Agreement and that no Evil has fallen upon us to Grieve us.  Three Sons and Two Daughters, with Patty Pannell husk Corn in the Barn this Eve, and Except Molly, they Stay till Eleven o’Clock.

[1]Timothy Minot (Harvard 1747), a schoolmaster and later a physician of Concord.  Sibley, XII, 194-195.

October 15, 1750

1750 October 15 (Monday).  I rode over to my New House.  Mr. Daniel Warrin to tend on Mr. Pierce.  At length came Mr. Pierce to go on with stoning the Well.  Got Mr. Charles Rice to send a son till I could get another Hand to tend Mr. Pierce.  By 11 o’Clock sent Samuel Bumpso to the Work.  Mr. Obadiah Newton came to build my Chimney.  P.M. my Son Ebenezer tended Mr. Newton.  Mr. Jeduthan Fay working at the high way Sent for his Man and Team about 3 or 4 p.m. to come and draw stones which they had dug in the high way, and it prov’d a great kindness to me: especially as he wrought with his Team Gratis.  At Merchant Rices at Eve with Mr. Obadiah Newton, Fay, etc.

October 16, 1750

1750 October 16 (Tuesday).  Mr. Newton and Forbush at the Cellar Wall which is the Foundation for the Chimney.  Jonathan Smith works there, at the Cellar and Well, Mr. Pierce being at the stoning the Well.  Sam Bumpso tends him.  Yet want another Hand.  Jonathan Smith So oblig’d to help at the Well that the Masons are forc’d to tend themselves a great Part of the Time.  As for me I rode about and waited and waited on the Work at Cellar and Well from Early Morning till into Evening — was especially at Mr. Timothy Warrins and talk’d with the widow Sarah Forbush[1] who is going to marry Josiah Walker,[2] an unbaptiz’d person, — he desir’d to talk with me about Deacon Burnaps[3] being offended with him — and said he had acknowledg’d his Fault to the Deacon.  N.B. Sent 12£ old Tenor to Mr. Daniel Gookin Bookseller at Boston, by Mr. Batheric.  I din’d at Ensign Millers.[4]  We are so out of Meat in the Family that I bought a Quarter of Beef of him.  N.B. Mr. Bogle[5] of Sudbury there.  Call’d to see Mr. Daniel Forbush’s Children Sick of Canker.  Lieutenant Tainter sent his Team with Stones by William Dunlop.

[1]The widow of Phinehas Forbush of Westborough, who had died at Fort Massachusetts, July 16, 1746.  Pierce, Forbes and Forbush Genealogy, pp. 31-32.

[2]Listed as Joseph Walker of Hopkinton in Westborough Vital Records.

[3]Jonathan Bumap of Hopkinton.

[4]James Miller of Westborough.

[5]Thomas Bogle.

October 17, 1750

1750 October 17 (Wednesday).  Mr. Newton (who dines at his sisters, but lodges at various Places in the Neighbourhood) and Mr. Forbush at the Foundation of the Chimneys Still — are now got even with the Ground.  Jonathan Smith tends ‘em.  Mr. Pierce stoning the well, Samuel Bumpso and Thomas Whipple tend him.  Well caves in frequently upon the work.  Deacon Newton and Cornelius Cook cart Stones for the Well all Day.  Neighbours Harrington, Tainter and Charles Rice are carting Stones for the Chimney.  I was among them all Day (except Dining Time) — provided dinner for only Mr. Pierce to Day.  At Neighbour Eliezer Rice’s at Eve, His Wife seems to be under strange Disgusts but I know not as yet what.  Sent my Son Thomas p.m. to Worcester to get Bricks for Oven and Topping Chimney, but he could get none.  Am full of various perplexitys.  Ebenezer making Cyder.

October 19, 1750

1750 October 19 (Friday).  Messrs. Newton and Forbush.  Jonathan Smith tends.  Mr. Pierce stones the Well about 2 foot above Ground — Clears out the well — asks me 7£ Old Tenor.  Afterwards he took less.  Ebenezer works there, and Mr. Joseph Green junior and Abner Whipple digg and Cart stones — with Mr. Edwards Whipples yoke of Oxen.  Mr. Obadiah Newton came to our House at Night.

October 20, 1750

1750 October 20 (Saturday).  Mr. Newton at the Chimneys.  Mr. Forbush also; and Jonathan Smith to tend ‘em.  I rode over to Mr. Martyns, and thence to Bolton.  Din’d at Mr. Benjamin Baileys.  Proceeded to Mr. Robert Fosgits[1] for Brick for my new Ovens and for topping out my Chimneys.  Mr. Fosgit not at Home, but his wife went with me to the Kiln where I picked out 600 and some odd Bricks, and Two Dozen of Tile.  The Bricks at 7£ old Tenor per Thousand, The Tile 1 Shilling a piece.  Agreed with Mr. Bailey to cart ‘em to his House and Mr. Goddard to cart them Home, to my own.  Return’d at Eve to Mr. Martyns.  Mr. Stone[2] there, to Change with Mr. Martyn.  I lodg’d there.

[1]Fosgit, or Fosgate, owned the first brick-yard in Bolton.  Soon there were several others operating in this town.

[2]The Reverend Nathan Stone of Southborough.

October 22, 1750

1750 October 22 (Monday).  A very Cold windy, freezing Day.  Mr. Newton came to work, and Jonathan Smith to tend him; but the Mortar was So froze and the Cold so increasing that they were scarce able to stand it.  They built up some Defences against the Cold wind yet it was too Cold.  It was so broken a Day, they both threw it in, and went home before Night.  Mr. William Goddards Sons brought me 600 of Brick and 2 Dozen of Tile.

October 23, 1750

1750 October 23 (Tuesday).  Windy, but somewhat more moderate weather.  Mr. Newton and Mr. Forbush at work, and Ebenezer tending.  Association Fast at Bolton, but I could not go by reason of the work which is doing at my new House, and expect Huskers at Night, but it was put by.  Lieutenant Tainter proceed according to Law with sundry persons for their Rates and had Deacon Newton with him.  I charged Lieutenant to use Moderation with Mr. Hezekiah Pratt because of the Affliction he is under by his wifes sickness.  They went to Mr. Barns and Mr. Pratt.  N.B. A Sour Message to me from Mr. Barns to go to him and settle accounts with him before Night or he would send an Officer.  I wrote him an answer which my wife carry’d with a 3£ Bill old Tenor to pay him for an Ox which he had bought for me at Boston last Spring when I let him have my Horse to go there; and for which he had never paid me, nor had ask’d me for his Money, but had concluded to Set it off in the Rates.

October 24, 1750

1750 October 24 (Wednesday).  Mr. Newton and Forbush at the Chimneys.  Ebenezer tends.  Hear that Lieutenant Tainter[1] with assistance of Deacon Newton[2] etc., Strain’d upon Mr. James Maynard, and actually laid him in Jayl.  I rode down to Mr. Daniel Warrins, Mr. Joslins, etc. to get some stones dugg and Carted.  Was at Mr. Bradish’s, at his Morning Prayer.  Din’d at Mr. Joslins.  P.M. at the New House desir’d Rody Smith to ask Mr. Barns to come and husk to night.  A Number were ask’d, but there were but six only who came, scil. Neighbour Benjamin How and his Brother Daniel, Neighbour John Frost and Samuel Forbush, Cornelius Cook and John Pratt.  Lieutenant Eager here at Eve, with a message from Mr. Edwards of Northampton to send the Lame Mare to his House tomorrow.

[1]Simon Tainter of Westborough.

[2]Josiah Newton.

October 25, 1750

1750 October 25 (Thursday).  Mr. Newton and Forbush at the Chimneys — Jonathan Smith tended.  Joseph Rice came and offer’d to help me to Day.  Thomas and he carted and sledded stones about the well.  I rode to Lieutenant Tainters to acquaint him with Mr. Edwards of Northamptons Message; and he sent the Mare to Lieutenant Eagers.  P.M. Expected Hands to level the Banks from the New House to the Well, but there came no one but Ebenezer Forbush.  I fear’d Mr. Pierce (who was at the projecting this and appointing the Day) would not come; and therefore I expressly Sent for Mr. Biglo to help in raising up the Wall of our Well, and he and Ebenezer Forbush work’d till Evening.  Mr. Nathaniel Whitney informs me that Mr. William Williams of Weston was dismissed from his people by the Advice of a Council last night.  A most shocking Event in the Course of Divine Providence!  The Lord Sanctifie it to all!  N.B. My Neighbour Pratt greatly disturbed with me for Lieutenant Tainters proceeding with him but most unjustly, because I besought him on Pratts behalf.  At Evening Edwards Whipple here.  A.M. Neighbour How assisted Ebenezer in getting 3 Mantle Trees, and p.m. Ebenezer help’d him dig potatoes.  N.B. Mr. Daniel Warrin and Mr. Ithamar Bellows brought 6 Load of Stones.

October 26, 1750

1750 October 26 (Friday).  Ebenezer Carted the 3 Mantle Trees which were hew’d yesterday — and tended Mr. Newton and Forbush at the Chimneys.  I visited the Sick — viz. Two Children of Mr. Eleazer Whitney, 3 of Mr. Daniel Forbush, and the Widow Woods.  Din’d at Mr. Jonathan Forbush’s.  P.M. at Mr. Hezekiah Pratts that his wife might shew her mind to me for Lieutenant Tainters proceeding with her Husband.  N.B. Mr. Whipple and Mrs. Hannah Maynard came in and were witnesses of my Discourse with Mr. Pratt and his wife; who (all) manifested Satisfaction.  Mr. Haven return’d to us.  Joseph Winchester and Jonathan Smith husk’d with my sons at Evening till 10.

October 27, 1750

1750 October 27 (Saturday).  Mr. Haven left us again, and is to preach at Medway tomorrow.  My Condition very afflictive, while I have so many Difficultys, to conflict with so many avocations and Disturbances from almost all Quarters.  May God Sustain and help me!  Whilst I was so grievously born down, especially with regard to my preparations for the Sabbath approaching (which is a Day to be observ’d by me throughout my Life) Mr. Barrett came at Evening Expecting to change with me tomorrow.  I rode over to Hopkinton and lodg’d at Mr. Barretts.[1]

[1]The Reverend Samuel Barrett.

October 27, 1750

1750 October 28 (Sunday).  This Day Twenty Six years ago I receiv’d holy ordination.  Blessed be God for His Longsuffering towards so unprofitable and unfaithfull a Creature!  and O that the Lord would pardon, through the mediation of Jesus Christ, my great defects and miscarriages!  May he be pleas’d to quicken me by His Spirit, assist me, Support and strengthen me for his Mercys Sake!  I preach’d at Hopkinton a. and p.m. on Jer. 8.4.5.  May God grant Success, that those serious, weighty Things may duely affect us all!  and especially be profitable to my own Soul!  Mr. Barrett din’d at Esquire Bakers.  My wife not at meeting.  Mr. Barrett read Levit. 5, omitted reading p.m.  We return’d home at night.  I lodg’d there.

October 29, 1750

1750 October 29 (Monday).  I early return’d to Westborough.  Call’d at Mr. Biglo’s.  N.B. His Fray with Mrs. Pierce which I did something to compose.  Mr. Newton and Forbush at the Chimney.  Ebenezer and Sam Bumpso tend them.  Was oblig’d to visit Mr. Jonathan Forbush’s Child Jonathan who is very sick.  N.B. have heard that Mr. James Maynard, Eliezer Rice and Joseph Rice went to Church at Hopkinton yesterday — and that to Day Revd. Roger Price is come over to visit in Westborough.  Mr. John Rogers makes Cyder at my Mill.  Neighbour Rogers husks with my sons in the Barn this Evening.  N. B. I went to Neighbour Barns’s to talk with him, but his wife said he was gone to Marlborough.  P.M. Molly and Lucy rode in the Chair to Colonel Wards[1] at Shrewsbury.

[1]Nahum Ward.

October 30, 1750

1750 October 30 (Tuesday).  Mr. Newton, Mr. Forbush and Jonathan Smith, together with my son Ebenezer at the Chimneys.  I rode over to the New House.  I rode up to Captain Bakers, to get him to Cart Some more Stones who says he will go tomorrow accordingly.  N.B. I call’d in at Mr. Pratts with Mr. Abraham Knowlton; and there was Mrs. Whipple to See further into the Discourse of Mr. Pratt of late, but he was not at Home.  P.M. Mr. Barns call’d here.  He denys he Sent me such a Message as on the 23 yet Deacon Newton and Lieutenant Thomas Forbush have testify’d that they heard him.  Neighbour Rogers making Cyder here.  Thomas thrashes Wheat.  Molly and Lucy return’d from Colonel Wards, where they lodg’d last Night.  Mr. Joslin and Mr. Jonathan Bellows dug the Stones at Mr. Joslins to Day, while the Teams were going — 3 Turns apiece.  At Eve came Lieutenant Tainter and brought me in Money Notes and including Several Small parcells of Money which he had before paid, in Old Tenor Value 62£.  N.B. his son Benjamin came from Sommers with his new Marry’d Wife.  Rain at Night.

October 31, 1750

1750 October 31 (Wednesday).  Messrs. Newton and Forbush at the Chimney, my Son Thomas and Jonathan Smith tended ‘em.  Lieutenant Tainter sent us a Quarter of Mutton at Evening besides which there was not anything Sent us for the approaching Thanksgiving.  But I thank God who inclin’d him to Send; and that we had in the House wherewith to make decent Provision, were but our Hearts in a Suitable Frame.  Which may God with whom is the Preparation of the Heart, grant to us!