September 5, 1750

1750 September 5 (Wednesday).  See Natal.  I went not over to the Workmen, but sent over as usual which was daily Beer and Cyder, and a bottle of Rum; some Days Bread and Cheese for Bait; and p.m. dinner for Two or Three, the rest bringing for themselves.  Deacon Forbush came to the Cellar, but I think did not work.  P.M. his son came — but neither did he much, the digging was not completed, where their work was to be: Yet there was Samuel Bumpso and Nathan Whitney at Digging.  At the Frame, there were Whitney, Messrs. Gale, Grow, Bradish, Tainter, Batherick, old Mr. Charles Rice, Mr. Nathaniel Whitney and Neighbour John Rogers.  N.B. Samuel Bumpso wrought to Day on Deacon Newton’s account.  N.B. Ebenezer and Mr. Eliezer Rice’s son Silas carted Stones and Mr. Pratt Sent Cornelius Cook to digg them.  [The following appears in the Natalitia for September 5, 1750.]  I endeavour’s to Spend the Day in a Separate and religious Manner — Seriously reflecting on my past Temper and Conduct — especially since this Day Twelve Month, and whilst I gratefully recognized the Divine Benefits, do penitently confess and bewail my own bareness and vileness, my negligence and unfaithfulness, which I would earnestly beg of God, in His infinite and adorable Mercy to forgive, through a great Propitiation!  My manifest unfaithfulness, together with finding so very little of good Motions or Dispositions in me, fill me with deep and distressing Concern about my Spiritual Condition, But desire to referr all to the boundless Mercy and Goodness of God through Christ, hoping that my principal Desire and aim and longing is to be Conform’d to the Blessed and Holy Nature and will of God.  Special Errands in Prayer were, my undertaking to Build another House and the Dividing the Association.