September 7, 1750

1750 September 7 (Friday).  Deacon Forbush a.m. and his son Daniel at the Cellar.  Deacon Newton tends ‘em.  At the Frame, Messrs. Gale, Bradish, Grow, Tainter, Batheric, Charles Rice, Nathaniel Whitney, Bowman, Harrington, Jonah Warrin, John Rogers, and [blank] who all gave their Work of this forenoon.  Mr. Martyn and Mrs. Molly din’d with us, Mr. Haven went briskly to Mrs. Martyn and brought her over (Mr. Martyn having come without her).  P.M. My Neighbours rais’d my New Frame and we sung part of Psalm 127.  Scil. one Stanza and Psalm 128 (second meetre) except the last half stanza.  Sundry Neighbours Sent and brought Cheese, Cake, Wheat Bread, etc. which with Some Apples Pyes which my Wife provided, made up our Entertainment.  Mr. Martyn pray’d and Mr. Haven return’d Thanks.  N.B. Mr. Gaskitts Son, Seth, came and requested me to go this Evening to their House to See Two Children who were dangerously Sick of Throat Distemper and (though I was oblig’d to leave all my Affairs to my wife and son and to take leave of my Company and Comforts in returning to my Seasonable Rest after Such a Day of Care and Fatiegue) yet I Cheerfully rode over to ‘em.  Return’d home though late at Night.  Mrs. Molly Martyn Still with us.  Thanks to God for the Favours and Salvations of this Day!