September 6, 1750

1750 September 6 (Thursday).  Deacon Forbush and his son Daniel at Stoning the Cellar, and Samuel Bumpso, employ’d by me, diggs in the Cellar and tends Mr. Forbush with Stones.  At the Frame Messrs. Gale, Grow, Bradish, Tainter, Charles Rice, Jonah Warrin, Bowman, Harrington, Bond, Ephraim Bruce.  Since it is concluded upon to raise tomorrow, I very earnestly entreated every one who was at the Work to notifie all the Several Quarters of the Parish which they liv’d in.  I made a Business especially of going to Captain Maynards to invite him and all his that could come.  Captain was gone to Brookfield — but I invited Stephen and Joseph Winchester.  I took all the pains I could to Send every where, that none might be excepted.  I rode over to the other side of the River, Spake and Sent word to Every One, that way: particularly both Sent and went to Mr. James Maynard and to Mr. Seth Rice, and Spake with them both.  N.B. Mr. Haven with me, and we rode over to Mr. Martyns.  Ask’d him and his Spouse — and brought over Mrs. Molly to our House.