September 21, 1750

1750 September 21 (Friday).  Messrs. Samuel and Phinehas Hardy closing my new House with Boards.  Samuel Bumpso at the Well.  Then came also Mr. Dunlop to digg in my Cellar, besides whom there were three Youths, viz. Jonathan Grout and a Son of each of foresaid Hardys to digg in the Cellar.  Messrs. Bezaleel Smith and Eleazer Pratt, each with a Team Carting Stones for the Cellar, whilest Thomas Whitney and Isaac Tomlin (this last was sent by Mr. Reuben Maynard) dugg Stones for me.  And all but the Two Carpenters and Mr. Dunlop brought themselves Dinner.  But Some time before Night it rain’d; Yet I desire to submitt to the will of God under the Disappointment.