January 17, 1748

1748 January 17 (Sunday).  It Snowed this Sabbath also.  I preached a.m. on John 12.35, on the Death of Reverend Mr. John Prentice of Lancaster.  N.B. for a character of him I took the original of what was delivered to Judge Wilder to be printed.  But O might we all who survive Consider our remaining Advantages, and have Grace to improve ‘em whilst the Lord is pleased to continue them.  May we also have proper apprehensions of those Dark Days that threaten us! I delivered the whole of my preparation in one Exercise, for though ‘twas very long I could not divide it.  And preached p.m. on Mathew 26.20, and intimated to the people that it was a Repetition. And may God be pleased to remember this His gracious promise for our Support in these Cloudy Times: and when such a number of Ministers have been within this six months taken away from us!  When we came home at Evening it snowed very hard and was very Windy and Cold — the Night a Windy, Cold Night.