January 1, 1748

1748 January 1 (Friday).  I would heartily bless God for His Sparing Mercy and Goodness!  Having spent part of the Day in Rest and Exercises of Religion and Abstinence (See Memoirs etc.), Lieutenant Perez Rice of Sutton came to acquaint me with the Desire of Captain Fay to see me.  I comply’d and went. Found him very low and scarce capable to Converse, could get only a word or two and then he would drop into sleep presently — I prayed and soon I took leave and bid him farewell, he reply’d Farewell — and we could hear a few words more such as, “God bless you, Support you, Succeed you” — (and may God be pleased to hear this dying prayer!  Oh might we all be ready for such an Hour!) I went from there to old Mr. Samuel Fays (after I had eat something with ‘em at Dinner) — Had some talk with Mr. Fay about the old Disgusts, and prayed we might come to a thorough Reconcilement. Talked with Jeduthun and his wife about their Delays. N.B. Jeduthun put into my Hand, at coming away, a Token of his Regard in Two Bills amounting to 20/6 Old Tenor, saying withall, that he could not come to help me get wood nor assist me as others, and would therefore pray me to accept that.  So slow riding it was near night when I got home, the weather being thick fogg, southerly wind and warm.