January 11, 1748

1748 January 11 (Monday).  Sent for Captain Maynard — who consented to go with me if I would venture, at least he would go with me as far as Shrewsbury.  It was a rugged Day — The Snow deep, the air somewhat sharp, the wind blew about the Snow — but we ventured to Shrewsbury.  Mr. Cushing and Dr. Smith[1] with their Wives were going.  I was exceedingly well wrapped up, and we ventured with them.  Stopped at Deacon Jonathan Keyes,[2] Mr. Morse’s,[3] and at Moore’s[4] (in Chauxitt).  Arrived at the House of sorrow in the evening where I lodged.  Mr. Gardner of Stow there, having preached there the day before, Captain Maynard lodged at Colonel Oliver Wilder’s.  N.B. Disquietment among Mr. Prentice’s children by reason of their Father’s will.

[1]Joshua Smith, the physician of Shrewsbury.

[2]Of the north precinct (Boylston) of Shrewsbury.

[3]The Reverend Mr. Ebenezer Morse of Boylston.

[4]Deacon Joseph Moore.