January 10, 1748

1748 January 10 (Sunday).  A.M. and p.m. on Occasion of the Death of Deacon Fay  I preached on Gen. 25.8.  Mr. James Fay and his mother, the Widow dined here.  N.B. At noon received a letter from the Honorable Judge Wilder[1] informing me of the Death of their Reverend and dear Pastor Mr. John Prentice and desiring my assistance at the Interment of his Remains next Thursday.  An heavy stroke this, upon not only that Town but this part of the Country!  The Lord Sanctifies it to all of us, and to me in Special!  Snowed and Stormed especially at Night and I was concerned about my journey to Lancaster.

[1]Joseph Wilder, a deacon of the Lancaster church.