January 4, 1748

1748 January 4 (Monday).  This day the precinct met together by adjournment upon the affair of the depreciating of the Bills of Credit in which my Sallery was paid.  I went to the Meeting House myself, being desired by the Meeting. Mr. Miller was the person the Moderator sent. I read Two papers which I had drawn up to lay before them, and after a few words I returned.  Lieutenant Forbush together with Captain Forbush and Ensign Bruce informed at eve, that they had considered the depreciating of money according to the Act of the General Court, and had allowed me 12£ 10 shillings per cent, that is 27£ and conceiving that this would not suffice they had chosen a Committee to Consider of my papers and make report to the precinct Committee for raising Meeting that they might raise another Meeting to see what the precinct will do further, they not being able to do any more now by vertue of the present Warrant.  Said Committee for Considering my papers are Captain Warrin, Mr. Miller, Deacon Newton, Mr. Whipple, and Mr. Abner Newton. And thus this Day went over, on which so much seemed to be depending. However, there seemed to be good humour and respect. N.B. The Day was a very Cold Day, yet many attended the Meeting. N.B. Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlin Collector here and paid me 34.4.9 old Tenor.