January 8, 1748

1748 January 8 (Friday).  Snowy again. N.B. sent Mr. Stow the original of Result of Council at Narragansett by Mr. John Bent of Framingham.  Mr. Jeduthan Fay here to Desire me to attend the Funeral of Captain Fay today. He dined with us, and then both my wife and I went.  It was a large Funeral, and Twas very sorrowfull to bury such an old Friend, such a pious, useful, good tempered man, and the principal Deacon in the Church.  The Lord awaken us to be in readiness ourself. I am told by the Deacon’s Son James that they could not discern that he was any clearer about his Spiritual state till he dyed, than he was when I was with him.  Such was the Sovereign will of God!