January 12, 1748

1748 January 12 (Tuesday).  The Funeral Obsequies of Reverend Mr. Prentice Solemnized.  Mr. Loring prayed.  Mr. Loring, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Stow, Mr. Seccomb, Mr. Mellen[1] and I were Bearers.  (Were favored with moderate weather.  A considerable number of Ministers.)  The Church and Congregation (males) walked before the corps.  Mr. Thomas Prentice made a short Speech after covering up in the grave.  The Parish bore the Expenses of the Funeral so far as 200£ old Tenor.  Judge Wilder by Request was with the Bearers at the Drawing up of Character and took the Care of transmitting it to the Printer.  A most Sorrowfull and Mournful Time!  The Lord repair the wide Breach! and comfort all the Bereaved and grant them to study peace and Love!  Lodged there again.

[1]The Reverend Mr. John Mellen of Sterling.