March 17, 1744

1744 March 17 (Saturday).  Clear and Comfortable.  We return’d home but on our way visited Deacon Newtons Daughter Warrin[1] and their Brother Jonas’s Family, and din’d at Neighbour Thurstons.  Found my Family Well, through the Goodness of God.  At Eve came Mr. Josiah Brown to Change with me tomorrow.  N.B. a most sorrowful piece of News at my Return.  One Daniel Campbell who in Years past used to keep Maylems Stables at Boston, was lately murther’d at Rutland by (as tis Suspected) Edward Fitzpatrick who is apprehended accordingly and Imprison’d at Worcester.[2]

[1]Elizabeth, daughter of Josiah Newton, had married Sials (Silas) Warrin, Dec. 6, 1742.

[2]“On Friday Night last, one Daniel Campbell of Rutland, was found barbarously murder’d in his own Land, at a small Distance from his House: it appear’d by all probable Circumstances that he was strangled.  A Person who liv’d in the House with him is committed to Goal on a strong suspicion of his perpetrating the Murder.”  Boston Gazette, Mar. 20, 1744, p. 2.