March 16, 1744

1744 March 16 (Friday).  Mr. Peabody, Bucknam and I had partly drawn up Something which when Mr. Hall[1] came to us conceiv’d to Contain More than the Separating Brethren would conform to so that he sat down to draw anew But when the Council met, neither would his Draught be accepted.  Mr. Weld declar’d his utter and positive determination to have Nothing done respecting Rachel Wheeler till he had taken Advice; notwithstanding that Ensign Woods and his Wife, Daughter, Friends etc. were all of them very Desirous to throw all that Matter up and acknowledge both their folly and their sin.  P.M. at Eve, though we adjourn’d yet since it rain’d and storm’d we tarried and rested ourselves as well as we Could.

[1]Rev. David Hall of Sutton.