March 1, 1744

1744 March 1 (Thursday).  Preach’d my Lecture my Self.  Repeated on Jude 10.21.  Stop’d the Church to See what their minds were respecting Grafton Members communicating with us — having been ask’d Several Times by John Bradish to grant this Privilege, and they (Several of them, viz. Mr. Miller,[1] Mr. Whipple, Deacon Newton,[2] as I remember all that Spake) manifested that they could not consent to have any Members of that Church come to Communion here whilst they were in Such Divisions, and were (as at that very Time) agitating and ripening their affairs on for a Council.  After meeting Lieutenant Forbush and I admonish’d Brother Jonathan Bellows for his late Conduct and call’d him to Repentence.  Continuance in the Evening with Brother Seth Rice about his Sister Thankful who had Some Time agoe deliver’d me a Confession which I esteem’d Lame and unsound.  He took a Note from me to her.

[1]James Miller.

[2]Josiah Newton.