March 9, 1744

1744 March 9 (Friday).  A.M. Aaron Hardy and Simon Tainter of Grafton both here, concerned lest I had brought myself into a snare by sending such a Letter to Mr. Prentice for that it was much fear’d that the witnesses which I depended upon to Support my Charge, would fail me.  They Staid and din’d with me.  P.M. Mrs. Thankfull Rice here — and had no Difficulty with her about Altering her Confession.  I was exceeding uneasy at Evening what might be the Event of my Letter to Mr. Prentice — because if I should escape Trouble in the Law, yet Should fall under much Blame and reproach for my Credulousness and Abounding charity towards the New Lights, who in many Instances have (Its said commonly) been found too forgetfull where they ought to remember both words and Facts.  N.B. The proposals of a Council at Grafton thrown up for the present and a Fast is now appointed instead thereof but the aggriev’d resolve to have a Council.