March 8, 1744

1744 March 8 (Thursday).  Mr. Matthew Rice here acquainting me with the Good Effect of the Sermon at Nathaniel Oakes the Day before Yesterday; and that they earnestly desire the Copy of it for the press, and will Satisfie me for my pains in preparing it for them.  P.M. I rode over to Neighbour Seth Rice’s to discourse with him about his sister Thankfulls Confession and what success he had had in his Endeavours with her.  Thence I rode up to Colonel Nahum Wards[1] and conferr’d with him upon what the Law had provided in the Case of Secret Letters disclos’d, and whether the Author or the receiver is Chargeable with the Mischief arising from such Divulging?  Return’d again the Same Evening.  Mr. Salter left us, for Boston uncertain yet whether he shall settle at Mansfield.

[1]The prominent citizen of Shrewsbury.