March 11, 1744

1744 March 11 (Sunday).  Lieutenant Tainter came to me in the Morning before Exercises and Spake to me of Mr. Coollidges[1] Communicating, but I immediately put an Effectual stop to it and told him I would not hear one word about it.  Mr. Coollidge himself came to me but I would in no wise give way, but utterly refus’d.  I preach’d on 1 Cor. 11.26 and Celebrated the Communion.  O might it prove for the Divine Glory and our highest Comfort!  Mr. Coollidge din’d with me, as did Deacon Fay, Deacon Newton and wife and Jonathan Tainter.  P.M. preach’d on John 15.9 latter part repeating Sermon 2 on Jude 4.21.  Propounded Paul Fay[2] in order to his being Baptiz’d and took the Churches Consent to my Baptizing on the North side of the Town, and particularly Mr. McAllisters[3] Child.

[1]Samuel Coolidge.

[2]The son of Gershom Fay of the north part of Westborough.  Orlin P. Fay, Fay Genealogy (Cleveland, 1898), 331-33.

[3]John McAllister or McCollister.