March 13, 1744

1744 March 13 (Tuesday).  Deacon Newton, Brother Whipple and I rode to Upton.  Arriv’d at Mr. Welds[1] House but a little after 10.  Found Mr. Bucknam[2] and Peabody there, but understood to our grief that the Council were to be entertain’d at Separate Houses each Party their own churchs; nor was it possible to alter it.  We waited till 3 p.m. before the rest came that we might form into a Council.  Mr. Peabody having been more peculiarly chose by both sides than either of us, who were the Senior Ministers, he was thought the fittest for Moderator from that Circumstance as well as his Superior Powers and Abilitys.  It was So late that we could do little more than receive their Papers and number them and hear a few Debates.  I think we made some Overtures to the Contending Partys touching mutual Condescentions and Compromising matters — but they were in Vain.  Rachel Wheeler of Grafton, heretofore Woods of Upton, had reveal’d some of the Conduct of Reverend Mr. Weld who heretofore Courted her to her Husband — and her Evidence was given in by the Adverse party to Support one of their Charges — but it was given in such strong Terms that Mr. Weld had obtain’d a Warrant for her, and Mr. Bruce[3] the Sheriff was dedie in Diem at Mr. Welds all the Time of the Council.  By means of this Affair all accommodations of Differences were clogg’d.  Adjourn’d to the Meeting House Tomorrow.

[1]Rev. Thomas Weld.

[2]Rev. Nathan Bucknam of East Medway.

[3]No Sheriff Bruce is recorded by William H. Whitmore, The Massachusetts Civil List (Albany, 1870).