February 21, 1742

1742 February 21 (Sunday).  It Snowed last night pritty much, and to Day it continued.  There came no more to meeting than could very well gather into my House, and chiefly into my Kitchin.  I was also so indisposed with my cold, and the stirring in the Snow was so very difficult that I Should not have gone out.  I repeated Sermon on Act. 3.19 from Mat. 18.3 and performed all the Exercises in my own House.  Benjamin Warrin (who sat the Psalm) dined with me.  N.B. Capt. Merrick[1] of Boston and his Brother[2] of Lambstown[3] and Mr. Samuel Robinson[4] of the same Place were here at Meeting, as they were upon their Journey to Lambstown.

[1]Capt. Merrick of Boston.

[2]Possibly Constant Merrick of Hardwick (c. 1701-1792), son of Nathaniel Merrick (1673-1748).

[3]Hardwick, Massachusetts, was formerly Lambstown plantation.

[4]Samuel Robinson (1670-1767) was born in Cambridge, moved to Hardwick, and was a founder of Bennington, VT, where he died.