February 2, 1742

1742 February 2 (Tuesday).  Rainy morning.  Mr. Edwards utterly denyed going out in the Storm.  I resigned and took Leave.  Mr. Edwards coming to the Door and seeing it began to clear up he put on Resolution and came with me to Westborough.  Here were Mr. Cushing,[1] Mr. Stone,[2] Mr. Smith, Capt. Williams,[3] Dr. Gott and Mr. Daniel Barns,[4] who dined with me.  Mr. Edwards preached to a great Congregation on Joh. 12.32.  And at Eve at my House on Gen. 19.17.  N.B. Mr. James Fay[5] was greatly wrought on by the sermon on Joh. 12.32.  So were Samuel Allen[6] and Ezekiel Dodge,[7] who manifested it to me:  and doubtless multitudes besides were so, Deo Opt. Max. Gloria.

[1]Job Cushing (1694-1760), Harvard 1714, minister of Shrewsbury, 1723-1760.  SHG 6:45-46.

[2]Nathan Stone (1708-1781), Harvard 1726, minister of Southborough, 1730-1781. SHG 8:99-105.

[3]Abraham Williams (1695-1781) of Marlborough.

[4]Daniel Barns of Marlborough.

[5]James Fay later attended separatist meetings in Grafton.  When he sought a dismissal to Hardwick in 1747, he acknowledged his disorderly conduct; WCR, 80. (Aug. 17, 1747).  On the Fay family, see particularly Douglas L. Winiarski, Darkness Falls on the Land of Light: Experiencing Religious Awakenings in Eighteenth-Century New England (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina press, 2017), 374-80, 386, 403.

[6]Samuel, son of Ephraim and Susanna Allen, b. Sept. 7, 1720; WVR, 10.

[7]Ezekiel Dodge (1723-1770), Harvard 1749, minister at Abington, 1750-1770; SHG, 12:367-69.