March 1, 1742

1742 March 1 (Monday).  I ventured out to pray with the Town at their Annual Meeting.  A Sorrowful Striving in the Town for Some Time, till the North and the South overcame the Middle and carryed all before them.  N.B. Settled with Deacon Newton.[1]  Thomas Winchester cleared up Nine Bushels Barley.  N.B. Conversation with Lieutenant Holloway[2] respecting Mr. Bliss’s[3] preaching at his house.

[1]Josiah Newton (1688-1755) joined the Westborough church, Apr. 4, 1725 (WCR, 2).  He was elected deacon, Aug. 18, 1737, but declined, Mar. 2, 1738.  After another vote, June 8, 1738, he accepted (WCR, 45-46, 47, 49-50).

[2]Lt. William Holloway (d. Jan. 6, 1760, a. 70 y., 6 m., 21 d.; NVR, 139) of the north side (later Northborough) of Westborough.

[3]Daniel Bliss (1715-1764), Harvard 1732, minister at Concord, 1740-1764; SHG, 9:130-38.

March 4, 1742

1742 March 4 (Thursday).  Mr. Jenison and my wife went with me to private Meeting at Deacon Newtons.  I (at the Speciall Request of Two Deacons Forb. and Newton in the Name of Many others made known to me last Monday) repeated the Same sermon which I preached last Sabbath.  David worked a.m.  Letter from Mr. Oliver Ward[1] of Coventry touching the work of God there and his hearty Concern for us at Westborough.

[1]Oliver Ward’s four daughters, Deborah, Sara, Hannah, and Submit, owned the covenant and were baptized, May 5, 1734 (WCR, 34).  Parkman later noted, “N.B. Lieut. Drury had been up in to Connecticut and cast Mr. Oliver Ward into Windham Goal” (Oct. 28, 1736).

March 9, 1742

1742 March 9 (Tuesday).  N.B. Mr. Pattershall informs me of Mr. Croswells[1] irregular Zeal at Charlestown.  Mr. Pattershall returned to Cambridge.  P.M. Brother Samuel Breck[2]here from Springfield.  N.B. his Message from Brother Breck[3] respecting Mr. Buel.[4]  He proceeded to Marlborough.

[1]Andrew Croswell 1709-1785), Harvard 1728, minister of Ledyard, Connecticut (Second Church in Groton), 1736-1746; School Street or Eleventh Congregational Church, Boston, 1748-1785; SHG, 8:386-407.

[2]Parkman’s brother-in-law, Samuel Breck (1723-1764), Harvard 1742; SHG, 11:131-32.

[3]Parkman’s brother-in-law, Robert Breck, Jr. (1713-1784), Harvard 1730, minister of Springfield, 1736-1784; SHG 8:661-80.

[4]Samuel Buell (1716-1798), Yale 1741, ordained as a minister-at-large, 1742; itinerant, 1742-1745; minister at East Hampton, Long Island, 1746-1798; DYG, 1:664-69.

March 10, 1742

1742 March 10 (Wednesday).  Fast at Shrewsbury.  A.M. Mr. Hall on Luk. 13.24.  P.M. Mr. Prentice[1] of Lancaster prayed and I preached on Luk. 13.10.  Mr. Jenison and I returned at Eve.  Mr. James Fay in Company.  We called at Mr. Eagers and to see the widow Hannah Rice[2] sick at her son Seths.

[1]John Prentice (1682-1748), Harvard 1700, minister of Lancaster, 1708-1748.  SHG 4:529-32.

[2]Hannah (Brewer) Rice, second wife of Edmond; he died Aug. 15, 1726 (Parkman diary).

March 11, 1742

1742 March 11 (Thursday).  Fast in this place on account of the Extraordinary Dispensations of God’s Grace in the Land, that we might on the one Hand implore the Gift of the holy Spirit and Divine Direction that we be not carryed away by the many Snares, Temptations and Delusions to which we are greatly exposed.  Mr. Stone preached a.m. on Jonah 1.6.  Mr. Cushing prayed p.m. and Mr. Hall on Act. 13.40.41.  O may we not go without a special Blessing!  May God please to humble us and awaken and Sanctifie both us and our Children!

March 15, 1742

1742 March 15 (Monday).  Very Cold Day.  Yet I rode to Mr. Charles Rice’s[1] and preached to the Society of young women, on Ps. 119.59.  N.B. Ebenezer went to Board at Lieutenant Holloways.

[1]When Charles Rice died in Brookfield, May 3, 1773, Parkman described him as the oldest male member of the church (Parkman diary, May 7, 1773).  Parkman listed him among the “first Inhabitants of Westborough” on the flyleaf of the church records.  He and his wife Rachel were admitted to the church on Aug. 24, 1729 (WCR, 20).

March 17, 1742

1742 March 17 (Wednesday).  Mr. Joslin[1] and Mr. Eliphalet Adams cutting wood for me.  Neighbour Jeduthun Fay[2] requests I would preach to his Father.  Dr. Gott, in Concern about his Spiritual State and about the Kingdom of God, made me a Visit.  N.B. Coll. Prescott came home lately from Jamaica.

[1]Joseph Joslin (d. May 27, 1761) owned the covenant, Jan. 29, 1727, and his wife Katharine was admitted to full communion (WCR, 5.)

[2]Jeduthun Fay (1708-1786), son of Samuel (see Mar. 25).

March 20, 1742

1742 March 20 (Saturday).  Rainy.  Mr. Buel and Three young Men with him here.  I found him willing to Submitt to any Examinations concerning his Doctrines, or Opinions, or Life; where upon I made several Enquirys to which he made ready Answers and told me he had made up with Mr. Noyes[1] at New Haven above a month after Commencement and was Examined and licenced by the Ministers of that Association to preach.  I urged him to preach, but he said he was under such obligations to preach at Concord that he must proceed thither.  After Dinner they all sett off in the Rain and the Roads very bad.  N.B. I had received an Excellent as long Letter from Mrs. Pierpoint,[2] by which also I pleaded with him to stay, but in vain.

[1]Joseph Noyes (1688-1761), Yale 1709, minister of New Haven, 1715-1761; DYG, 1:85-89.

[2]Sarah (Breck) Pierpont, daughter of Nathaniel and Martha Breck and wife of James Pierpont (1699-1776), Yale class of 1718.  Ebenezer Parkman and Hannah Breck were married at the Pierponts’ home in Boston where Hannah lived after the death of her parents.  The Pierponts moved to New Haven, where they became leading New Lights.  The Parkman Family Papers at the American Antiquarian Society include “Memoirs of Mrs Sarah Pierpoint” (Box 2).  After Sarah’s death, James Pierpont (whose sister Sarah married Jonathan Edwards) brought her “private Papers” to Parkman along with a draft of her life and character by the Rev. Jacob Johnson of the second church in Groton CT (Ledyard).  He asked Parkman to review the draft and her diaries and, if Parkman thought it would be “for the Divine Glory and for the Service of the Christian World to publish Memories of her, to prepare them accordingly.”  Parkman accepted the papers, but, as he wrote, “under my present Circumstances, can’t give him Encouragement that I will do it” (Oct. 24, 1756).  Over the next year Parkman spent many evening reading through Sarah Pierpont’s diaries, but there is no indication that he read Johnson’s draft or wrote anything of his own despite having been urged to do so by Jonathan Edwards (Oct. 26, 1756).  Finally, in mid-1760, Pierpont asked Parkman to return Sarah’s diary (May 7, 1760).  Thus, the manuscript memoirs of Sarah Pierpont that are attributed to Parkman may be Johnson’s draft.

March 25, 1742

1742 March 25 (Thursday).  John Mayhew here.  I preached at Old Mr. Samuel Fays[1] on 1 Thess. 1.10.  Visited Abner Newton.[2]  Capt. Eager[3] here at Eve.

[1]Parkman listed Samuel Fay (1673-1761) among the first inhabitants of Westborough (WCR, flyleaf).  Fay was a member of the Marlborough church, but declined to attend the Westborough church, which expressed its concern about the “Conduct of Mr. Samuel Fay in keeping from our Communion himself, and with holding his Wife therefrom also, altho he had permitted her to bind herself thereto by Solemn Covenant”; WCR, 49 (June 8, 1738).  The church accepted his acknowledgment of his offense “in hindering his Wife from coming to our Communion”; WCR, 53 (Dec. 17, 1738).  At the same time, it confirmed its earlier and rather ineffectual decision that, lacking “Suitable Satisfaction…respecting his Conduct,” Parkman was to bar Fay from communion if Fay were to offer himself; WCR, 52-53 (Oct. 19, 1738).

[2]Abner Newton (708-1750) and his wife Vashti confessed the sin of fornication and owned the covenant; WCR, 33 (Feb. 3, 1734).  Vashti joined the church, Feb. 22, 1736; WCR, 39.

[3]James Eager was b. Sept. 21, 1686, in Marlborough (Marlborough Vital Records, 65; d. June 7, 1755, in Northborough (NVR, 133).

March 27, 1742

1742 March 27 (Saturday).  Received a Message from Lieutenant Holloways that last Eve Ebenezer Shooting off a little Musket at a Partridge was in utmost Danger by the Gun’s bursting.  The praise to God for such a Deliverance.  Let his Life be to God!  N.B. Mr. James Fay and Mr. Francis Whipple[1] here.  P.M. a great Deal of Discourse concerning the Assurance of every new Convert.

[1]Francis Whipple and his wife Abigail joined the Westborough church by dismissal from the Third Church in Ipswich, Jan. 6, 1734 (WCR, 33).

March 29, 1472

1742 March 29 (Monday).  I rode down with my Daughter Molly[1] to Marlborough, dined and left her at Dr. Gotts.  One Mr. Love my Company from the Red Horse.  Mr. Prentice of Lancaster rode with us over the New Bridge.  I went to Mr. Williams[2] of Weston.  At Waltham I called at Mr. Harringtons for Oats, and there Mr. Warham Williams[3] was engaged in an Exercise.  He preached on Joh. 5.42.  Mr. Solomon Prentice was also present.  N.B. We lodged at that Tavern.  N.B. The world full of Mr. Buels preaching at Concord.  In the Judgment of Some, Great success:  In the Judgment of others great Confusion.

[1]Mary (or Molly), dau. of Ebenezer and Mary (Champney) Parkman, b. on Sept. 14, 1725; WVR, 82.

[2]William Williams, Jr. (1688-1760), Harvard 1705, minister of Weston, 1709-1750.  SHG 5:295-300.

[3]Warham Williams (1699-1751), Harvard 1719, minister at Waltham, 1723-1751; SHG, 6:361-64.

March 30, 1742

1742 March 30 (Tuesday).  Broke fast at Mr. Warham Williams.  N.B. Mr. Williams going (with Mr. Appleton[1] and Mr. Peabody[2]) to a Fast to Morrow at Bedford on account of the Troubles there relating to Mr. Bows’s Conduct among them.  I proceeded to Cambridge.  Dined at F. Champneys.[3]  Visited Mr. Appleton.  N.B. Various Accounts from Ipswich of the State of Religion there: the people greatly enlivened and awakened there.  At Evening I was at Charlestown.  Mr. Buel preached on Gen. 6.3.  N.B. Mr. Croswell lyes Sick at Charlestown after Zealous preaching there for some time.  At 10 o’Clock I went over (the Boats deeply loaded like Commencement) to Boston.  At Kinsman Elias’s were Mr. Eleazer Williams’s (of Roxbury) wife and Two Daughters greatly enlivened in Religion.

[1]Nathaniel Appleton (1693-1784), Harvard 1712, minister of Cambridge, 1717-1784; SHG 5:599-609.

[2]Oliver Peabody (1698-1752), Harvard 1721, minister at Natick Indian Church, 1721-1729; Natick First Congregational Church, 1729-1752; SHG, 6:529-34.

[3]Samuel Champney was the father of Parkman’s first wife, Mary or Molly.