February 12, 1742

1742 February 12 (Friday).  At Eve Mr. Stephen Fay[1] was here in great Distress concerning his Spiritual state fearing that all he had done in Religion was only to still Conscience.  I directed him to read what was most awakening still and most Searching; and particularly Mr. Alliens Alarm[2] and Meads Almost Christian.[3]  Mr. John Fairfield came from Smithfield and lodged here.

[1]Stephen, son of John and Elizabeth Fay, b. May 5, 1715 (WVR, 42); mar. Ruth Child, Mar. 7, 1734 (WVR, 150).

[2]Joseph Alleine (1634-1668), An Alarm to Unconverted Sinners (Boston, 1703).

[3]Matthew Mead, The Almost Christian Discovered: or, the False Professor Tryed and Cast (Boston, 1730; 1742).