February 1, 1742

1742 February 1 (Monday).  It was a rainy Day, but I rode to Grafton and Sutton.  Mr. Prentice[1] though his Child was very ill, yet was gone up to Sutton.  In going from Deacon Halls[2] in Sutton in order to find Brother Hicks’s[3] I wandered fruitlessly; for though I found the House they had dwelt in yet they having removed to their own House lately (which I was not informed of) I missed of them and struck across the woods to the Road up to Town.  Mr. Edwards was come from Leicester.  Mr. Webb[4] of Uxbridge and Mr. John Fairfield[5] there.  Mr. Edwards to a large Assembly on Ps. 18.35.  At Eve in a very rainy, stormy Time I preached to a Considerable Assembly on Ps. 68.8.  I lodged at Mr. Halls.  Religion has been of late very much revived in Sutton, and a general Concern about their souls.

[1]Solomon Prentice (1705-1773), Harvard 1727, minister of Grafton, 1731-1747, Easton, 1747-1755, and Hull, 1768-1772.  SHG, 8:248-57.

[2]Percival Hall of Sutton.

[3]John Hicks was Parkman’s brother-in-law, having mar. Rebecca Champney, sister of Parkman’s first wife, Mary (or Molly) Champney, May 8, 1721; CVR, 2:71.

[4]Nathan Webb (1705-1772), Harvard 1725, minister of Uxbridge, 1731-1772; SHG, 7:617-19.

[5]Possibly John Fairfield (1712-c. 1767), Harvard 1732; SHG, 9:150.