February 11, 1742

1742 February 11 (Thursday).  Brother Hicks and his son here, upon their Journey to Cambridge.  Capt. Goddard[1] also here.  Mrs. Pratt with her son were here according to my appointment to acquaint me further with what he had Seen, or apprehended he saw, in the Time of his Trance, or reverie t’other Night.  He having informed me of his Seeing (as he thought) the Devil who met him as he seemed to be in the way towards Heaven and told him that there was no room for him there; of his seeing Hell and hearing the most dreadful noise of roaring and crying; his seeing Heaven So wondrously happy a place as nobody could tell but those that were there; and Christ, who looked more pleasant than ever he had seen any man, and who had a great Book before him, and in turning over the Leaves of it told him that his name was there, and shewed it him; and that he had seen a great many more Things which were such Great Things that he could not Speak of them.  I told him that these Things were not to be depended upon but that the Apostle Peter has cautioned us, saying that we have a more sure word of prophecy to which we should do well to take heed etc.  I endeavoured further to instruct, direct and Comfort him and to lay the Charges of God upon him.  P.M. I preached at Mr. James Fay’s on Luk. 19.9 to a great multitude — and it pleased God to give it some success.  As soon as the Exercise was over Deacon Fay[2] broke forth with a loud noise, with Tears of Joy and blessed God he saw this Day etc.: desiring that I would in due Time have an Exercise at his House — and bore a Message from his Brother, old Mr. Samuel Fay[3] that I would have one at his also — which it was a chearful thing to hear, considering his Temper and Conduct for some years past.  The rest of the people Seemed so inclined to religious Matters that they did not freely go away.  Many tarried to discourse of the Affairs of their Souls and hear of the Experiences of one another.  Ex. gr. Deacon Fays, Mr. James Fays, Mr. Merriams (of Grafton), Lieut. Tainters[4] etc.  At Eve several young men here to be instructed in singing.

[1]Capt. Edward Goddard of Framingham.

[2]John Fay (1669-1748) was among the first inhabitants of Westborough whom Parkman listed on the flyleaf of the church records; he was among thirteen men, including Parkman, who signed the church’s covenant, Oct, 28, 1724; WCR, 377-79.  He was elected deacon, Oct. 12, 1727, and accepted that office on Jan. 7, 1728; WCR, 8, 10.

[3]Samuel, son of John and Mary Fay, b. Oct. 11, 1673 (MVR, 70).

[4]Simon Tainter (1694-1767) was admitted to the church, Apr. 3, 1726, and was elected deacon, Jan. 16, 1757; WCR, 3, 106-07.