September 22, 1780

1780 September 22 (Friday).  My son William and his Wife sat out early for Concord.  Mr. Cushing and his Wife when the Day got up, for Shrewsbury.  Dr. Crosby to see Mrs. P.  P.M. Sam and Breck with their Wives wait on the Bridegroom and Bride, to Coll. Brighams.  Mrs. P. has had a poor Day.  At eve came Mr. Forbes and his little Boy, Jo Saunders.  Mr. F. delivers me a letter from Col. Baldwin to his wife, containing an account of General Gates’s Defeat.  An extract from it I send to Mr. Quincy.  Mr. Forbes goes to see his Sister, the Widow of his Brother Daniel.  N.B. My Flax is spread — a large piece.