September 6, 1780

1780 September 6 (Wednesday).  Mr. Grosvenor came, dined and preached.  Text was Gal. 6.7, latter clause.  His voice not only audible, but sonorous, but especially the Matter good, and the Manner agreeable.  After Meeting the Church stopped to receive the Answer of the two elected Deacons.  The Doctor delivered a paper in which he acquiesced in the Choice if there was no Objection, and if the Choice was unanimous; otherwise he refused.  The vote was then tried (though the members present were but few) upon which there was every Hand, and he was declared a Deacon of this Church.  Mr. Child’s answer was verbal, and still refused and the Meeting ended.  Then came on the Town Meeting by adjournment, and they elected five Counsellors for this County.  My son Alexander and his Wife and young Child came and lodged here.  Mr. Elijah Brigham privately spoke to me of his joining in Trade with Breck and would be glad to live here this winter.  But I could not determine.