September 5, 1780

1780 September 5 (Tuesday).  By Deacon Wood’s Desire, I went in the Morning to his House, with Capt. Joseph Wood of Hopkinton and Mr. Thos. Wood of Brookfield.  Deacon’s Wife asked me to go alone with her, and manifested a penitent Frame: desired me to go into her son’s Room, and talk with him and his Wife, which I did.  Then met together and through the Goodness of God, we brought each of the Partys to Condescentions, mutual acknowledgment, and asking forgiveness and promises of Reformation.  The Deacon desired me to pray and give thanks to God.  Whereupon we all parted in Peace and Joy.  Glory to be God alone!  Josiah Brigham goes to Boston.  Mr. Gleason came and informed that Mr. Gershom Brigham’s Wife dyed this morning: and the Survivors desire me to attend the Funeral next Thursday.