August 1, 1780

1780 August 1 (Tuesday).  A Message by Mr. Elijah Brigham from Mr. Summer, to preach his Lecture — borrowed Mr. Ware’s Mare to ride there — made several short Visits in the Street — dined at Squire Baker’s, but he came not home as was expected.  N.B. The Private Meeting was, according to Custom, to have been at his House today, but it was put off because of the Busyness of the Season, and few Hands to do it.

August 2, 1780

1780 August 2 (Wednesday).  Rode to Shrewsbury.  Mr. Fairbank came here and was my Company to Mr. Sumner’s: where I dined.  Preached his Lecture to an extremely thin Auditory.  Text Rev. 14.6-7.  After Lecture came Mr. Whitney to Mr. Sumner’s House.  N.B. Col. Symmes’ Widow there also.  At eve arose a Thunder Storm.  I lodged at Dr. Crosby’s.

August 3, 1780

1780 August 3 (Thursday).  In returning called to see Mr. Joseph Knowlton’s Wife, who relapses somewhat to her old state; visit Mr. Gershom Brigham’s Wife, who languishes.  I went in to Mr. Samuel Fay’s, his wife having been lately much indisposed — but he treated me with roughness.  At Deacon Wood’s I saw one Mrs. Abigail Giles, Daughter of Mr. William Jenison, that was of Salem, and widow of Mr. Samuel Giles, greatly reduced and lame.  P.M. Mrs. Hawes, Squire’s Daughter, Polly Wood at Tea.  N.B. In Biog’r. Dic. Variety in Human Life — Eginhard’s Wife (Daughter of Charles the Great) carry’d him on her Back from her Apartment through the Snow, that the prents [sic] of his Feet might not be discovered; yet her Father saw them from his Window.  Queen Elizabeth’s Life notable for her Wit and Learning, affected Grandeur and power, Magnificent Dress, Entertainment, Amours — but secret reason is given by Mezeray when she would not Marry.  Equatius (John-Baptist).  This great Man had almost a divine Memory: whatever he had read or heard, he could relate by Heart, and in a very agreeable manner.  He was born at Venice 1473.

August 6, 1780

1780 August 6 (Sunday).  I had partly prepared on Malachi First, but was obliged to lay it aside, and went on considering the Harvest Season, with my Repetitions, with additions and alterations of Sermon on Gal. 6.7-8 a. and p.m. and finished the Subject.  May God be pleased to add his special Blessing!  I read Bond’s Petition for Contribution.  Mrs. Maynard dined here.  At eve read in Mr. Flavell on Rev. 3.20.

August 7, 1780

1780 August 7 (Monday).  Was anxious about Breck’s Horse, which Elias rode to Springfield, and is not come back: but before noon came young Joshua Johnson of Bolton, who returning from his 3 years Warfare rode Horse from Springfield hither, thereby saving Charge, and brought a Letter from Elias, who has taken the School there, for a year upon settled pay to his Satisfaction.  Thanks be to God for the Favour.

August 15, 1780

1780 August 15 (Tuesday).  Though it was a very hot Day, I rode to Southborough, hoping to meet the other Brethren who would associate there — but no other Members came.  We nevertheless improved the Opportunity in Prayer and attendance on a Discourse Mr. Stone read on Gal, and I read an Extract from Cicero on Old Age, Ch. XIX.  Mr. Stone has lately been exercised with the Gravel, and particularly last Lord’s Day.  P.M. did not go to Meeting, but is somewhat better.  I returned at eve.  Mr. Elijah here de die in diem.  His Brother Josiah is gone to Medway in order to Miss Eliz. Beal’s Return to Westborough again.

August 16, 1780

1780 August 16 (Wednesday).  Benj. Wood and his Brother John came here to be set to work.  I employed Benj. in mowing in my Newton Meadow.  John hoed a little with Billy Spring in Beeton Field — It was but of trifling Value.  P.M. Ben mowed a while, and the lesser Boy reaped and cocked — but they were all beat off by Rain, Thunder and Lightening.

August 20, 1780

1780 August 20 (Sunday).  Read a.m. the Latter part of Joh. 4, and repeated the latter part of Discourse on v. 16.  At noon, Breck and his Family, Mr. Brigham and his Sister Anna, Mrs. Maynard, Isaac and Luke Baldwin (who came from Shrewsbury this morn) dined with us.  P.M. did not read before it but preached on Isa. 55.10-11, p. 191 to the bottom of p. 202.  N.B. baptized Six Children of Mr. Sam’l Thurston.  At eve read in my Family part of Mr. Flavell’s sixth Sermon on Rev. 3.20.  Rec’d a Letter from Mr. Forbes of Gloucester.  Mrs. P. is so indisposed that she has been but little at Meeting for a great while: could not go today: is sick, faint, and weak.  The Child also has been not well, for some days.

August 28, 1780

1780 August 28 (Monday).  On Deacon Wood’s Horse I rode to Mr. Gershom Brigham’s to see his Wife, who is dangerously ill.  The State of her Soul deplorable as well as her Body.  She was very sorry that she had neglected the Lord’s Supper.  She was in much Confusion.  I prayed with her and the Family.  I dined there.  Thence went to visit the North West Corner of the Town, Messrs. Gleason’s, Johnathan Maynard’s, and Samuel Riders, Mr. Thomas Lamson’s (on Edmund Rice’s place), old Mr. James Maynard, and his son Amasa’s.

August 31, 1780

1780 August 31 (Thursday).  Mr. Gershom Brigham brings his Wife’s Earnest Desire that I would visit her again and preach a Sermon there today.  I complyed — delivered a short Discourse (as I could) from several passages in Isa. 55, “hear and your Soul shall live.”  May God bless what was delivered!  Mrs. Br. is brought very low.  At eve found Sophy ill.  She has taken physick: Mr. Elijah Brigham with her.