May 30, 1780

1780 May 30 (Tuesday).  A.M. Assist the Selectmen in forming their Return to the Convention, with the Exceptions and Alterations.  P.M. Attended the Church Meeting.  Opened it with Prayer.  The first Affair was that of Sister Persis Adams, wife of Mr. Daniel Adams who was present; but her Husband, though notified seasonably by a Messenger, sent on purpose by the Pastor to him, to acquaint with the Meeting, for what, when and where, did not come.  This caused us to defer the Hearing any Complaint against him, till we might have accuser and accused Face to Face!  Act. 25.16.  The Church Meeting, as it relates to this Controversie, is adjourned to the last Monday in August next, at 2 p.m.  The other Matter on which we met, was to choose two Deacons: and chose Dr. James Hawes for one, and Br. Jonathan Child for the other by 17 Votes — the rest scattering.  The Doctor desired leave to take so weighty a Concern into Consideration.  The other denyed and again refused, but he was urged to consider of it, and not be too resolute in Denying.  The Meeting concluded with prayer and the Blessing.  Mr. Cushing came from Shrewsbury (from Ashburnham yesterday) and lodged here.  Has two Horses, one for Mrs. Cotton to ride upon.