May 19, 1780

1780 May 19 (Friday).  A very Cloudy Day.  It rained some part of Morning, when it held up it not only remained very cloudy, but from about 10 a.m. it grew very dark — the Obscurity increased.  By about 11 it was too dark to read unless at the Window — by 12, I could not read anywhere in the House — We were forced to dine by Candle Light.  It was very awfull and surprising.  Through divine Goodness the Light gradually returned and I wrote this before two.  Before Night, I find that the unusual Darkness has given general Surprise.  At eve went to Supper at Breck’s, on agreeable Haddock.  The Night was exceeding dark, insomuch that the Committee which sat at Deacon Woods, on the Affair of the Form of Government could not without Difficulty find their way home.  Several of them did not get home at all.