October 31, 1778

1778 October 31 (Saturday).  Stephen Maynard has been up to New Braintree, to the Ordination of Mr. Daniel Foster, which was on Thursday: not on Wednesday, by reason of Difficulty concerning his Opinions.  There were 12 Churches; but two of them would not Act.


Mr. Jonas Bradish came with earnest Desire to have me let him speak to the Church tomorrow that the Way may be made clear for him to have his Children baptized at Winchendon where he has been dwelling these seven years, yet has lived in Neglect of his Duty, till he has now no less than Six Children that are not baptized.  I told him he must needs be humble and sorry for his so sinful Delay.  He said he would draw up Something to be laid before the Church tomorrow, and which he would give me seasonably before Meeting.


I bespoke also his coming here on Monday that he might go and Shew me the Bounds of the Land which he some Years ago, laid out for me; and he promised me that he would.  I went over these Things again, that they might not be misunderstood, nor forgot, nor any ways fail: and to them he repeated his engagements to do as had been said; and that I might depend upon it.  With these Assurances he left me: and I retired to my Study, and to my Sabbath Preparations.


Thus Ends the Month of October.  The Lord forgive whatever Guilt has been contracted in it — and [all?] my other Offences, for Jesus Sake!  Amen.