October 6, 1778

1778 October 6 (Tuesday).  Elias returns from Cambridge and has been also to Boston.  But what we are somewhat Surprized with is, he rides home Brecks Mare, which was found in a Pasture at [blank] by Gershom Hill the Molatto from Squire Bakers, who going down below, Breck furnished with an Advertisement.  We are now whole footed again: but the Charges by the Loss and Recovery amount to 40 Dollars.[1]  P.M. I preached at the Widow, Mrs. Mehitabel Brighams on Rev. 2.10, latter part.  Mrs. P________________ rode there with me.  Mrs. Bowker also attended: so did a Number of Young Gentlemen.  Besides Sir Brigham There were Sir Stone, Crosby, Fay, and Master Abr. Holland, with us.  Mrs. P________________ and I called to see the Widow Fay who is much out of Health.

[1]In an advertisement dated Sept. 28, 1778, Breck Parkman announced that “whoever will take up said MARE and retutrn her to the subscriber, shall be handsomely rewarded and all necessary charged paid.”  Massachusetts Spy, Oct. 1, 1778.  The mare was described a brown, “with a star in her forehead, one hind foot white, a long trail, trots and paces, about ten years old.”