October 20, 1778

1778 October 20 (Tuesday).  Mr. Conklin and his Lady pursue their Journey.  The Association met here, viz. Messrs. Stone (and his wife), Smith, Whitney, Newell, and a youn[g] preacher, Mr. [blank] Stearns of Leominster.  They having chose Me Moderator — and I prayed — read them on Consideration of Some very contr. pleadings at the late superior Court, some Collections from Cotton of the Keys.  Shewing the Power of the presbytery and priv. of the Brethren etc.


Mr. Whitney asks Advice respecting the New erected Bolton Parish, and whether this Mr. Stearns mayn’t with our Approbation Preach to them.  They advised him to.  Mr. Newell layd before us the Conduct of a Member of the Church of Stow, scil. Charles Whitney at a late Church Meeting — with regard to Coll. Wood.  He was directed what Method to take.  Next Association to be at Mr. Stone’s, next Month.  N.B. Brecks Bounty in Rum and Wine etc. on this Occasion.  And my Kinswoman Miss Beckky Cowell presented an handsome Pair of Mittens.