October 3, 1778

1778 October 3 (Saturday).  Mr. Ripley came from Barre, from burying his Father, He is returning to Concord, but very thoughtful about what he shall say to the Committee who will meet with him soon to confer about the Preparation for his Ordination.  At which Time he is Apprehensive they will demand of him his Sentiments about Pastoral Power and Authority in the Government of the Church, which seems now out of season to Enquire into; they should have done this before they gave him any Call.  I sent by him to Mr. Stone, his Sermon at Marlborough Fast on Rev. [blank].  Dr. Crosby, who belongs to the Army now at Danbury, made me a visit and dined here.  P.M. Mrs. P________________ rode out with Elias in the Chaise, to Capt. Maynards.  I have not a few, or Small Avocations and Impediments to Study.