October 4, 1778

1778 October 4 (Sunday).  On 1 Pet. 2.9.  No body to set the Psalm.  I was obliged to set it, after a poor manner, my Self.  P.M. I preached a sermon my mind was much engaged in as the present sorrowful Times are: on Ps. 92.7, “when the wicked spring as the Grass etc.”  N.B. I delivered something like this, “If there be any person that you know of, who is addicted to profaneness, I pray you to mark him (there should be some Stigma set upon him), that being marked out, he may be avoided.”  Sir Fay p.m. sat the Psalm.  At Eve I was obliged to ride up to [Mr. John?] Fays to visit and pray with a little Daughter of Mrs. Levi [illegible] who is very ill.  I went also to [illegible] was still under a grievous Fever.  [Illegible] Nurse’s Mother Ball there.