October 5, 1778

1778 October 5 (Monday).  Elias, before Day, in the Chaise in which he brought up sister Champney went away for Cambridge.  Sister being left here (unavoidably) to stay with us.  She is now ill, and grows no better.  We cant do any other than Pity and relieve her, as we are able.  We seem very much weakened, broken and destitute by being unhorsed: but we are obliged to conform out minds to our Circumstances.  At Eve came Mrs. Bowker of Rutland, upon Otter Creek, to make us a Visit.  She relates the wonderful Preservations which she, her Children and Neibours experienced when the British Forces drove them off from their settlements — and many of the steps taken in erecting their New State of Vermont.  Mr. Nathan Maynard here, with a Letter to him from his Brother, Benjamin Whipple of the foresaid Rutland (now Esquire), praying me to write a Letter for him in Answer to it: which I did.