May 22, 1777

1777 May 22 (Thursday).  Went to Squire Bakers.  Consulted the Law Book, and Squire Samuel being there, asked their Opinion on this Case, Whether a Couple designing marriage, and having been legally published, but though no objection arises from any Quarter, yet by various occurrences in Providence their solemn Junction is deferred from one Year to another, Shall they need to be re-published?  They both answer that they needed not.


P.M. old Madam and the younger Lady made us a Visit and drank Tea here.  Mr. Hall returning from Roxbury (he went not into Boston for fear of the Small Pox) was with us.  He heard that General Bourgoyne’s Army and Fleet are within 4 or 5 Days  from our Harbour.  N.B. read Moretons Memorial.


But what is most remarkable to day is Breck and Sophy set out for Rochester, and carry with them Suky P. Moore.  May God grant them a prosperous Journey by His holy Will!