May 19, 1777

1777 May 19 (Monday).  Reuben Lambson came to me to live with me and work for me.  N.B. Mr. Samuel Goodneow was here.  I delivered him the Contribution and had his Receipt for it.  David Sangor returned from Framingham to fetch his Things and receive his Wages for his Work.  Eight Days he worked for me: and I payd him £6 old Tenor.  He approved himself so well that I lent him (at his request) Monsieur Jurieu Vol. 1 of the Critical History.[1]


The Town Met to choose Representatives — and elected Capt. Maynard and Mr. Daniel Forbes.  To whom may the God of all Grace and Wisdom impart that Counsel and Wisdom which they at this peculiar season need!

[1]Pierre Jurieu (1637-1713), A Critical History of the Doctrines and Worships (both Good and Evil) of the Church of Adam to Our Savior Jesus Christ; giving an Account of the Origin of all the Idolatries of the Ancient Pagans, as far as They Relate to the Jewish Worship (2 vols.; London: J. Taylor; and G. Sawbridge, 1705).